Holiday Wishes / Deseos de Fiestas

Staff members have shared their Amazon wish lists with us and we are inviting families to purchase an item and present the gift directly to the staff member. Staff are listed by grade below. Specials, ESOL, and paraeducators are listed at the end.

Los miembros del personal han compartido sus listas de deseos de Amazon con nosotros y estamos invitando a las familias a comprar un artículo y presentar el regalo directamente al miembro del personal. El personal está listado por grado abajo. Especiales, ESOL, y paraeducadores se enumeran al final.


Neena Lobo -

Caitlin McGrogan -

Rachel Savadow -

Maya Wolf -


Kristen Mullenholz -

Nancy Singo -


Leah Cho -

Heather Padilla -

Melinda Swander -

1st Grade

Carly Dement -

Sarah Gerardi -

Caitlyn Gloeckler -

Susan Marenchin -

2nd Grade

Susan DeWitt -

Abigail Medina -

Amy Meyer-Upchurch -

Alexis Pierce -

3rd Grade

Lizzette Goyne -

4th Grade

Elise Deming -

Jennifer Schneider -

Karla September -

5th Grade

Tracy Lechthaler -

Kristin McNavage -

Julie Swierczewski -

Primary Talent Development Coach / Focus Teacher

Michelle Krieger -

Special Education

Aurora Newman -

Jackie Schwartz -


Ingrid Torres -


Seth Glabman -

Media Specialist

Abegail Prado -

Speech Pathologist

Suzanne Podberesky -


Kristina Falcon -