Girl Scout Activities

8 Juniors from Girl Scout Troop 5383 led a project to create a mural in the school to inspire kindness and respect.  

Girl Scout Mural

by Seda

The first step of the project was talking to a professional artist* about the mural and what we wanted to create. We asked the artist if it would be a good idea to paint directly on the wall, and she said that it would not be the best. So, she suggested that we use something called parachute cloth. She said that the parachute cloth would be easier to paint on and you could move it around. She also explained that once we were done painting we could use special glue to glue it to the wall and would look as if you actually had painted on the wall. When we started the project she gave us the parachute cloth and some of us worked on painting it white. Next, we started painting the paper different colors so that we could cut them into circles. There was an event at Veirs Mill Elementary School happening, and we wanted to get everyone who came to paint a circle to be part of the mural.

     Once everyone had painted their own circle we started working on the other parts of the mural like the flowers and the sun. We cut out the sun and flowers. Then, we painted them and put a welcome sign on the sun. We then added welcome in ten different languages on the sun rays. The Idea was that when people walked through the door they could see the welcome sign  and be reminded that they are welcome to be themselves. When we were done painting everything we met back up with the artist and she helped us glue everything on to the wall with the special glue. She smoothed everything out so it would look like we really painted on the wall and then we were done!   

Rosana Azar - Community Building | Creativeadventures (  

Picture of the design described above

Preliminary Design

A Girl Scout shows the space where the mural will be installed, caption: Before

Wall Before