Welcome Mural Project

8 Juniors from Girl Scout Troop 5383 are leading a project to create a mural in the school to inspire kindness and respect.  

The basic design for the mural - is a welcoming, beautiful inspirational mural made up of individually painted shapes that come together into a sunny landscape.    The shapes are cut from a special cloth and will be individually painted and then assembled together into the mural.  The sun, flowers and clouds will carry inspirational messages, while circles of 3 varied sizes will be open for designs/messages and we will invite community participation starting at the Spring Fair on Saturday, May 20.  The main colors are blue, fuschia and yellow, as well as mixtures of those colors into green and orange.   Seeing the full picture takes some imagination and will evolve as we see what the community contributes.  The light blue sky and dark blue water mirror the current wall.  You may be able to imagine better if you also see the work Community Building | Creativeadventures (artinyou.com)  our advisor, Rosana Azar has done in some other schools. 

Picture of the design described above

Preliminary Design

A Girl Scout shows the space where the mural will be installed, caption: Before

Wall Before

Image shows a rectangular background of light blue and dark blue with strings and clothespins for drying freshly painted shapes, circles painted in different colors cover the surface

Samples of the circles that will be painted at spring fair